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About us

Our company, which is licensed and fully accredited, assures its customers of a professional and personal service. We are licensed to handle the buying and selling of properties, including residential properties, commercial premises, vacant land, and land subdivisions.

Conveyancing is a term used to describe all of the necessary checks, searches, signatures, and certification required to make you the lawful owner of a property or piece of land. We have made this sometimes complex procedure as simple and easy as possible for you.

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Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the title of a property from one party to another. The agreement to transfer title is detailed within a contract between the seller and the buyer. Conveyancing can a complex Legal process, so it is important to work with a qualified Conveyancer to ensure that the transaction is completed smoothly and legally.

Our Conveyancing Service

Purchase and Sale of Business

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We are licensed professionals, fully accredited and insured, we are licensed to conduct sale and purchase transactions for residential properties, commercial premises, vacant land and private business.

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Director of The Conveyancing Family and a Licensed Conveyancer 0708L. A member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers, Affiliate Member of the Law institute, PEXA Member and SPEAR Member

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Conveyancing Manager

Frequently asked questions

We understand that the conveyancing process is a little confusing, that is what we are here for. To save you time, we have comprised a small list of frequently asked questions. Click on the arrow to see more questions.

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What is conveyancing?

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