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Our company, which is licensed and fully accredited, assures its customers of a professional and personal service. We are licensed to handle the buying and selling of properties, including residential properties, commercial premises, vacant land, and land subdivisions.

Conveyancing is a term used to describe all of the necessary checks, searches, signatures, and certification required to make you the lawful owner of a property or piece of land. We have made this sometimes complex procedure as simple and easy as possible for you.

We are more than just a conveyancing firm; we are a fully licensed Conveyancing firm. We are experts in the conveyancing process and can assure you that you will have the necessary support in the event of complications to safeguard your interests.

Our team has 20 plus years of extensive expertise in the buying and selling of properties or land in Australia. This professional knowledge creates a team that is there for you. WE are capable, reliable, and trustworthy. You are in safe hands and we are looing forward to assisting you with this very exciting life milestone.

With the current digital age we have worked hard to make conveyancing as digital as possible so you have nothing to worry about. But we understand that sometimes you do want to just talk to a real person which is why we have team ready to listen and answer any of your questions. Our office is proud partners with many online platform providers to make the conveyancing process as seamless as possible with the upmost importance of online security with PEXA, Duties online, TriConvey, Trisearch, TriVOI, Docusign, Birdeye and SPEAR.

Let our office be apart of your journey starting at that begin with that first home purchase or with the investment property to expand your property portfolio.

The Visionaries

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Director of The Conveyancing Family and a Licensed Conveyancer 0708L

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Co-director of Finance Family and Co-founder of The Conveyancing Family

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Co-director of Finance Family and Co-founder of The Conveyancing Family

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